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latest news relating to the educational use of iPad and iPhone
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Top 5 Useful Apps for Students

Top 5 Useful Apps for Students | Apple Gadgets |
Being in college can be a very freeing and rewarding experience, but it can get stressful at times.

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Nearpod | Apple Gadgets |

An all-in-one solution for the synchronized use of iPads in the classroom.

Make your lessons more engaging through interactive multimedia presentations.

Create interactive classes with ease

Using the Nearpod Content Tool, simply upload a pdf or start a new presentation and add interactive features.
Share content in real time

Push information, questions, and activities to students’ mobile devices.
Engage students

Multimedia content harnesses students’ attention, keeping them focused and minimizing off-task behavior.
Control students' devices

Teachers can see all student activity in real-time, check attendance and identify students who log out from Nearpod.
Quickly assess student progress

Obtain detailed real-time and post-session reports showing individual and class results.
Free featured content

Access NPPs from distinguished educators for free.
Knowledge sharing

Join an international community of educators and learn from their ideas
Distance learning

With Nearpod, there’s no need to be at the same place to join a presentation and learn.
Join a session

Go to our website and join a live presentation by just entering its PIN.
Use a web browser

Interact with NPPs from any web browser with the Student Web app.
Visit web pages on the fly

Launch a web page live while running an NPP.
Access detailed reports

Filter them by NPP, student, teacher, date, location or description.
Encourage self-paced activities

Allow students to go through slides at their own pace.
Share NPPs

Presentations can be shared between all of our users.



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Available for free on the App Store:



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The Social News Discovery Visual Browser for iPads: Rockmelt

Robin Good: If you have an iPad and you are looking for a better way to find, discover, browse, search and consume news stories, the new Rockmelt browser for iPads is definitely worth a road test.


Unlike other popular browsers, "rather than showing you a big, empty window--or just whatever site you were looking at the last time you used it--Rockmelt offers up a visual stream of personalized content, culled from friends on Facebook and Twitter, RSS subscriptions, and sites that fall into your designated categories of interest.

Posts, articles, images, and the rest take the form of big, tappable tiles in two endless columns--an infinitely scrolling stream of content.

Touch one of the items, and, when possible, it pops open in a stripped-down reader view.

As you’re checking out that content, you can jump to a full view of the website it’s hosted on, follow links, or just dip back to your stream to find something else to look at."


"Overall, it’s a fairly radical take on what a tablet browser should be, one that starts with the go-anywhere, find-anything utility of the browsers we’re familiar with and grafts a visual, content-curation element on top of it all.

In this sense, the new Rockmelt is sort of like a mash-up of Pulse, Flipboard, and Safari--a browser that’s also a news reader, with a dash of social network to round it out."






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Available for free on the App Store:



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