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Wired UK on Twitter

Wired UK on Twitter | AppDemo |
All of finance is ripe for disruption says @taavet from @TransferWise #wiredmoney
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Fun insights from WiredUK

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Social Media Marketing Industry Trend (Infographic)

Social Media Marketing Industry Trend (Infographic) | AppDemo |
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CoinTelegraph on Twitter

CoinTelegraph on Twitter | AppDemo |
Antonopoulos at #WIREDMoney:‘Bitcoin is Not Smooth Jazz,Bitcoin is Punk Rock’ by @evandersmart
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Here are my insights....

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Google+ Pages - HootSuite

Google+ Pages - HootSuite | AppDemo |
Manage Google+ Pages from the HootSuite Dashboard


HootSuite is an official launch partner for Google+ Pages, integrating Google+ Page functionality with the advanced HootSuite collaboration, measurement, engagement and security tool-set.

The integration of Google+ Pages allows brands to use HootSuite's business-focused functionality for circle management, publishing targeted messaging to circles, and Google+ analytics in-dash.

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FREE: The Paid Social Media Advertising Report 2013 - Nielsen

FREE: The Paid Social Media Advertising Report 2013 - Nielsen | AppDemo |

Report covers...


Marketers are increasing budgets and using social media in conjunction with other advertising channels, but return on investment (ROI) continues to be a question.

Below are some key facts from the report:

• Advertisers increasingly view paid social media advertising as an integrated, cross-platform tactic and run it in conjunction with other online and offline media.

• Paid social media advertising is primarily used to support branding-related efforts. As a result, advertisers “would prefer to use the exact same metrics used in the offline medium, and additional metrics specific to the online medium” to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Very few media sellers, however, can actually provide such metrics.

• Metrics such as pins, likes and click-throughs are often used to measure paid social media advertising ROI, though advertisers and agencies think sales generated and brand lift are the most appropriate metrics to use to determine ROI.

• Advertisers are doubtful or unconvinced about the effectiveness of paid social media advertising, indicating that the growth of the medium is being somewhat hampered by a lack of relevant, universally employed metrics.


Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, February 14, 2013 8:27 AM

Some good data and insight around paid social media advertising. If you're working through how to measure the ROI for paid social media advertising, this is an important guide.

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duncan craig's curator insight, February 18, 2013 5:55 AM

great piece....

Brady Boyd's curator insight, March 22, 2013 12:28 AM

using social media to advertise your company or product helps but it is harder to quantitatively measure the responses from the consumers.