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PayPal Custom Functions for FileMaker

Making the PayPal custom functions for FileMaker available within your solution is very simple. Just download the free solution file and open it up within FileMaker to load all of the PayPal functions into your system. That's it. Now you'll have access to the majority of PayPal's APIs via simple FileMaker functions, and I'll be adding more in the near future.

The functions work exactly the same as any other function you use within a FileMaker calculation. You simply pass in request parameters, and the function handles the rest. All PayPal response data is stored in the solution file in a single table as global fields, so the data is immediately accessible via your FileMaker script to populate your own tables/layouts, make calculations, or do anything else you'd like to do with the response information.

All of the functions provided were built using the same request parameter names (as closely as possible) that PayPal uses in its web services. Thus, if you need information about what exactly a request parameter value should be, you can find those details in PayPal's documentation. I'll link you directly to the documentation for each call below.

Via David Anders