Ann Squires’ New Collection of Antique Artifacts
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Ann Squires’ New Collection of Antique Artifacts
Ann Squires has always had a job in corporate America working hard and proving herself successful in the industry. Now as Ann Squires enters her middle aged years, she has begun to take more time to enjoy her hobbies. Investing in things that make her happy, Ann Squires had found great pleasure in her hobbies. As she grows older, Ann Squires understands and values the things that are important to her in life. Ann Squires has had a very successful career and is now looking to invest more of her time in what makes her happy. Even as a young child, Ann Squires was always fascinated with history. Ann Squires says she “loved getting lost in the past when reading stories and watching movies that took place in time other than her own.” The fascination with the past continues to enthrall Ann Squires today. Now, Ann Squires has begun collecting historical artifacts and unique antiques that represent a moment in time from the past. Ann Squires loves the idea that these potential historical items could have belonged to someone important in the past. As her collection grows, Ann Squires is getting more and more attention for her beautiful antiques and historical artifacts. Living in the Midwest region of the United States, Ann Squires has been able to develop and expand her collection. Ann Squires has traveled throughout the country to track down some of her favorite pieces in her collection. From an antique chest to a historical map, Ann Squires’ collection is diverse and unique. Ann Squires feels that her collection represents her passions and love for things old. One of the aspects of collecting antiques and unique artifacts that Ann Squires loves is the ability to bring new life to things that are old. Ann Squires sees the beauty in authentic and genuine items that have made it through time and still exist today. As a collector, Ann Squires is proud of her antiques, and is happy to share them with the community, friends, family, and those also interested in unique artifacts like hers. Ann Squires plans on continuing her collection over time.
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