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Scooped by Sophia!

The Cutest Animal

The Cutest Animal | Animals |
These species might be lesser-known but they are definitely not lesser-cute! From dik-diks to echidna puggles, learn to love all these baby weirdos!
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Florida man breaks into zoo, frees animals (VIDEO)

Florida man breaks into zoo, frees animals (VIDEO) | Animals |

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. (AP) -- A Bonita Springs man, Steven Trew, frustrated that the Everglades Wonder Gardens will soon close, broke into the zoo sometime early Monday morning, cut the locks on almost every cage and set many animals free, according to employees at the gardens. 


One deer was killed on Imperial Parkway, one deer is missing, but the rest of the creatures never left the zoo property and were returned to their cages by zoo staff. 

Employee Jack Wollman arrived at the Everglades Wonder Gardens at 5 a.m. Monday and found the back gate sawed open. When he got inside he noticed deer, pigs and birds were out of their cages. 


Wollman held the suspect, 58-year-old Steven Trew, until deputies from the Lee County Sheriff's office arrived. Trew has been arrested by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and charged with burglary of a dwelling and damage to property with criminal mischief...

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khodge55's comment, April 24, 2013 12:50 AM
This is crazy and a little extreme. If this guy was upset that a zoo was closing he should have done something about it sooner. Not try to set all of the animals free, but tried to raise money for the animals or something of the sort. It's sad that an animal died in this mess and I hope that they find the other deer safe and sound.
Drew Fuchs's curator insight, April 24, 2013 4:38 PM

If you are crazy enough to free wild animals into the world, you need some help. Also, you are putting everyone in the area in danger as well as him. Did he really think he was going to get away with this without gettting in trouble? 


MsHaeussinger's comment, April 24, 2013 8:16 PM
Always a great idea to break/enter, free wild animals, and endanger the public. If my sarcasm wasn't evident, please note that I am not actually condoning this!
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Sign of empathy: These monkeys mimic faces

Sign of empathy: These monkeys mimic faces | Animals |

The ability to mimic the facial expressions of others is thought to be linked to empathy. It's known that humans and orangutans "ape" each other in this way, but gelada monkeys appear to do it too, a new study shows.


"This mimicry relates to an internal emotional connection," said neuroscientist Pier Francesco Ferrari of the University of Parma in Italy, who co-authored the study published March 28 in the journal Scientific Reports. It shows that "basic forms of empathy are present in other species that are not apes," Ferrari told LiveScience.


 By Tanya LewisLiveScience 

Via Edwin Rutsch
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