Deer Proof Your Garden and Yard Naturally | animals |

Deer proof your garden and yard naturally by growing certain plants, not growing others, and trying a few other tips and tricks that have great results.

Don’t plant this…

First, you can steer clear of planting some of the plants deer like to eat. As far as shrubs; azalea, rhododendron, dogwood, roses, lilac and burning bush are some of the favorites. Trees like yews, pines (especially white pine), and fruit trees are all eaten by deer. Garden plants, like most vegetables including beans, peas, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables. Corn, blackberries, spring bulbs and hosta have all been known to disappear. My Aunt Val in Minnesota loves to watch the deer from her front porch – until they start eating her pansies, as they seem to do every year. In my yard in Western North Carolina, the apple and peach trees fall prey, but they won’t touch the blackberries. (I wish they would!)

Plant this…

So, in avoiding plants they love, you can go for plants they DON’T like. Among these are borage, ice plant, marigolds and zinnias. Some perennials include alliums, aloe, black-eyed susan, bleeding heart, any of the mints, fern, geranium, iris, and herbs like oregano, rosemary and yarrow. Among the trees and shrubs are bamboo, pampas grass, yucca, barberry, butterfly bush, currant and gooseberry, hawthorn (despite its apple-like berry), holly, mountain laurel, palms, oleander, boxwood and viburnum.

Via Stephanie Jo Rountree