Soul Spelunker: Divine Matter and the Lumen Naturae | anima mundi |

The alchemists also say this water is the Lumen Naturae, the Light of Matter, of which I have written about elsewhere. The "greatest treasure", the Anima Mundi, is contained therein; not trapped there as some say, but simply abiding there until it is called forth to flow throughout the Earth and the entire Cosmos. Matter is not evil, as Plato believed. There is an essence of divinity in matter. It is not a prison for the fallen soul. Rather, matter is divine and filled with light, but it is up to us to extract it. The Anima Mundi is diffused throughout Nature, where all matter is specked with fiery sparks of divinity. As fiery scintillae spark upward from a campfire into a night sky, so do the light-filled scintillae of Soul permeate throughout the Universe, symbolized by the innumerable stars that dot the heavens.

Via Zeteticus