With a mission of helping families experience spectacular vacations, Angwell Travel connects clients with timeshare opportunities at resorts around the world. Through a timeshare, families may jointly own a property with other groups, reducing the cost but enhancing the luxury. Many families are able to spend time in properties that would otherwise be too expensive. Angwell Travel guides clients through each step of the process, explaining the various terms, including resale timeshares and new developer timeshares. Resale timeshares offer savings up to 40 percent.

Angwell Travel offers other opportunities, including flexibility in week selection and a point system that allows families to break their vacations into smaller time periods and earn points by vacationing in the off-season. The firm also explains demand times, the difference between a leased property and deeded property, and how to sell a timeshare.

To learn more about the company and speak to a helpful representative, visit www.angwelltravel.com.