Semantic-UI & AngularJS - Basic Registration Form with Validation | AngularJS |

The idea is that Semantic is a more fluent and structured way to writing a web application, rather than naming stuff poorly like Bootstrap does with things like col-lg-4, Semantic opts for column. This is both good and bad. The examples on their homepage are more semantic, but at the cost of either writing less or more code in order to describe the UI elements in the markup.

You end up writing lots but instead of shifting around in CSS to figure out how to move it from left to right, I just described it. Sure enough, button sat on the right hand side!

Things used in this demo1. Semantic UI2. AngularJS3. NancyFX

Nothing is complete without Nancy, but I'm not showing any Nancy stuff. I'm including it in-case I show the server side stuff.


Via Jan Hesse