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Rooting android is fun. It allows you to have full control over your device. You can access the system files and modify them which is for advance users. A majority of Android users prefer rooting their devices to install custom roms like the infamous cayanogen mod roms that enhances the UI and other roms that even allow users to clock and over clock the GPU that can be quite risky in the hands of a noob.


One of the most important apps that you see once your device is rooted is 'superuser' the application that monitors which applications require and seek root level access to your device. You can manage the access of all applications under superuser application. Everytime an application is launched that requires superuser access, superuser will pop open and seek your permission to allow access or deny. You can also allow superuser to remmeber your selection so it does not asks you everytime the same application is launched. You can install superuser only on a rooted device and the application is freely available in Google Play. Google does not restrict such applications in play because its simple, if you are a power user then you'd anyway have it so why not make it available in Google Play. Superuser recently got an update to fix performance and compatibility issues with the newer devices.