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12 July 2012 : As we all know Samsung has already Started Seeding the Official ICS v4.0.4 Updatefor International Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 last night itself. Now we'll have a look at the detailed description of all the features of this update along with the images. As a surprise the new features brought along by Android OS v4.0.4 are quite awesome, some of the important features include:
Pop up play for videos Signature unlock Several bugs n issues fixed Enhanced stability Enhanced battery life Speed bump Cool new features in the pre-existing applications And changed icons and enhanced user interface.
POP UP PLAY : Well starting with pop up play way back at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III we saw a new feature called pop up play. This feature allows the user to play video in background (always on top) besides you are on other applications. This feature may take up battery but the main advantage is if u are watching a video and you need to text some one urgently then instead of closing the video user can just touch on the pop up play icon and you can do what u want with the video playing already even though you are in your inbox or on Facebook. if you wish to close the pop up window u can tap and hold the window it will show a (-) icon and it closes the window but if u wish to go back to full screen window all u need to is just one touch on the pop up window.

SIGNATURE LOCK : The S-Pen oriented phablet, Samsung Galaxy Note N7000/I9220 has finally got some thing which is unique and related to S-Pen that is th SIGNATURE UNLOCK feature in Settings/security/screen lock. By using this feature with the help of S-Pen one can lock his Samsung galaxy note with his own set signature. Though the process is complicated, it gives complete security as no one else would be able to sign as accurate as it was fed in the Android system. Though one has to enter the same signature thrice at the time of feeding to the system. Once it's done, phone gives alternate unlock option if the signature unlock fails i.e Pattern Unlock and PIN Unlock. This is quite an interesting feature as only the person who has set the signature can unlock via signature unlock method.

HARD BRICK BUG : When Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.3 was released for Samsung galaxy note n7000, it had many bugs and issues, now with this Android v4.0.4 Update all these bugs and issues are fixed by Samsung making the device much faster and smoother. SADLY, the eMMC Brick Bug Issue is NOT YET FIXED. So still the device with bad eMMC chips are prone to Hard Brick.

ENHANCED FEATURES : Well of course with this new software update of v4.0.4 there is a better battery life when compared to v4.0.3 which was literally draining battery at a high rate. but Alas ! The 4.0.4 is user friendly and has a better battery life along with enhanced stability, enhanced battery life and with Increased Speed.

PREMIUM SUITE : Many of the pre existing applications got cool new features which satisfies the Samsung galaxy note users, for example take the Premium Suite Application " S Note " .The Features of the Premium Suite Include :
    Expressively Create a Unique Story On-The-Go     Use Seven Easy-To-Use Templates to Express Life's Every Detail     Capture Photos and Provide a Description     Record and Play Step-By-Step Details of Your Drawings     Quickly Access Productivity Tools with the Floating Icon Bar     Select from existing Shapes and easily edit it by changing Size and Color     Quickly Handwrite a Mathematical Formula for a Descriptive Answer     Learn More about any topic by simply Writing it     Quickly Browse through the Notebook     Visually Categorize Notebooks with various Notebook Covers     Use Different Ideas to truly let ideas let alive     Quickly Scan through Notebook Contents     Easily Annotate and Save PDF Documents  
CHANGES IN INTERNET BROWSER : The other things found in this Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0.4 Firmware Update of Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is the changed User Interface i.e the Icons of some of the apps have changed like that of Restart, Music Hub, and various other internal icons of application specially that of the Browser " Internet " . The Changes Found in the Internet are the Address Bar, History Viewer, and the Settings Part plus the Icons of the Internet Options.

S MEMO : There is an Addition of "Handwriting to Text" Option in the S Memo and alot of Icon Changes Too. With the help of Handwriting to text option what ever you draw with the s pen or finger the S Memo Detects it and tries to Write the alphabets or numbers or what ever.

MESSAGING : With this Android v4.0.4 the Interface of the Messaging got changed Noticeably (the option of attachment which used to be on right side is now on left) and as well as the Icon got Changed to Better ones.