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There are two material things in the world that consumers are finding it increasingly harder to live without: smartphones and cars. The invention of smartphones and, consequentially, apps, has allowed for phones and cars to interact like never before. Below are four of the best apps to integrate with your vehicle. This list has been provided by our friends over 

Traffic Buddy UK


Featuring the ability to view life traffic cameras throughout the area of Britain, Traffic Buddy UK is a great application to keep abreast of traffic problems. The application also stores cameras that you have recently accessed and allows you to keep a list of your favorite cameras. Traffic Buddy UK is a free application.




A free application, DriveCarefully will monitor all of your smartphone's incoming text messages and emails and read them to you as you drive, allowing for you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road and assuring your safety. DriveCarefully does not have an option to record your voice and send your message back, but it will send a pre-written message to let the sender know that you have received their message.




The app that seems to have it all, FuelLog will keep track of petrol use, the costs associated and maintenance schedules for your car. FuelLog will calculate the mileage between fill ups and shows all information in six handy graphs. The app even allows users to set reminders for car maintenance.


Car Locator


Almost everyone has come out of the shopping mall after spending hours browsing the racks and wondered "Where on Earth did I park the car?". With Car Locator, that question is no longer an issue. The app will automatically save the location of your car and then show it to you later via either a radar view with a red dot or via a map view. In addition, Car Locator works as a parking timer, takes photos and can even beam your location to another person.