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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 900. Comparing Nokia Lumia 900 with Samsung Galaxy S3. Inspired by nature made for human. Samsung Galaxy s3 cortex-A9 processor S-Voice , Android vs Windows. Lumia vs SIII.


Samsung's Galaxy S3 is indeed the beast when it comes to peformance. We have already compared Samsung GalaxyS3 with Apple iPhone 4S and HTC One and except for design there was not a single point that made us vote against Samsung Galaxy S3. Today we are comparing Samsung Galaxy S3 with Nokia Lumia 900 which is so far Nokia's only survival smartphone and its equiped with Windows Mango. That give a heads up to Samsung as Galaxy S3 is powered with Android, the most fastest and flexible mobile operating system and this smartphone is already equipped with certain features which are currently unavailable in any of the competitors like Apple's iPhone 4S and nor HTC One. To highlight the important features of Samsung Galaxy S3, we can talk about the amazing 8mp Camera which has the capability to take 20 pictures in a single shot so that you can select the best one and discard the others. With Samsung Galaxy S3, you can record HD videos from the secondary Camera, this is pretty impressive as this would mean better 3G Video calls. One feature of Samsung Galaxy S3 camera has been inspired from HTC One. HTC one can record hd videos and while you are still recording a movie, you can take pictures too. Samsung added this feature in Galaxy S3.