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With Google's I/O ahead, rumors are flooding in. It has been rumored that Google might be launching a new tablet that would be competing against Apple's iPad. The news comes from various sources what also support this rumor with the fact that chairman Eric Schmidt promised that Google would be releasing world's most power tablet which will also be cheap but with highest quality.

Google is expected to launch Jellybean during I/O and if rumors are to be believed, they could be demonstrating JellyBean on the promised tablet. Google is in talks with Asus to launch a 7 inch tablet that would be running the most powerful android  - Jellybean and will be available for the public for just $199. This has been reported by The Wall Street Journal. Google's $199 tablet would be available from October when Jellybean starts rolling out. Expectations are much higher from Jellybean as Apple has also announced the next version of iOS, iOS6 with over 200 new features and advancement in Siri. Google's plan to compete with Apple in Tablets and smartphone seems like a retaliation to Apple thrashing away Google maps from iOS6 and adding native mapping interface with 3D image rendering. With sudden change to remove Google maps from iOS which is used in iPhone, iPad and iPod and has a wide coverage in smartphones market. According to estimates, this will have 2% effect on Google's revenue usually comes from iOS users. With a $199 tablet, this could have some serious competition with Apple's $500 iPad.