Andrew Nardo Announces Return to Libertyville for High School Reunion
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Andrew Nardo Announces Return to Libertyville for High School Reunion
Andrew Nardo was a prominent member of the Libertyville High School community during his days as a student and athlete at the school. Recently Andrew Nardo returned to Libertyville, Illinois from his adopted hometown of Dallas, Texas where he has lived for the past thirteen years to celebrate his 17th annual high school reunion. During his time at Libertyville High School, Andrew Nardo rose through the ranks of the football team to become team captain of the Libertyville Wildcats during his senior year. Andrew Nardo, who graduated from Libertyville in 1996, also spent summers around the school, holding down a summer job on the grounds crew that helps to maintain the school’s beautiful campus and Andrew Nardo’s treasured football field. Andrew Nardo is proud to count himself as a Wildcat and returns each year to celebrate and reunite with his classmates. Since his graduation from Libertyville High School, Andrew Nardo has gone on to play football for DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, which he graduated from in 2000. Andrew Nardo was also captain of that football team at DePauw during his senior year and he set the record for highest grade point average of a football player. Andrew Nardo was also nominated as most valuable player for defense for one of DePauw’s most important games against their rival. Andrew Nardo likes to think that it was his start at Libertyville High School that gave him the background to perform so well in DePauw’s rigorous academic environment and to excel both on and off the field. Today, Andrew Nardo works as a computer scientist and is a prominent philanthropist in his Dallas, Texas community. Still, Libertyville holds a fond place in Andrew Nardo’s heart and he is always happy to return and visit. Libertyville will always be his hometown and the place where Andrew Nardo got his start as a football player. His annual visit to Libertyville is always a highlight and Andrew Nardo enjoys catching up with his high school classmates and hearing about their careers and families. At his Libertyville High School reunions, it is always clear that Andrew Nardo is among old friends.
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