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Rescooped by Cassandra Folkerth from Ancient Mediterranean!

Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World | Ancient world |

The status of women in ancient civilizations was dictated by religion and position, rarely impacting the everyday lives of everyday female interactions.


For the vast majority of women in the Ancient world, daily life revolved around the home as caretakers of children or household managers. Historians that cite examples of powerful women usually rely upon exceptional females, often associated with religious rituals such as the Oracle at Delphi or Rome’s Vestal Virgins. Although the Mediterranean pantheon of goddesses reflects power and cult-following, their example inspired upper class women as well as men, as in the case of the cult of Isis. The lives of everyday women were scarcely affected.

Via David Connolly, Dave McMaster
Cassandra Folkerth's insight:

Its interesting to think about how the role of women is based entirely on the religion adopted by that society. If one society has a female god I believe that socitey would have more respect for the female gender. But many societies are quite patriarichal, therefore having more respect for the man than woman. 

Dave McMaster's curator insight, May 3, 2013 8:25 PM

This scoop would be valuable to students learning about the Ancient Mediterranean beliefs and values as it explains how women were seen and valued by men and the role in which they played in society.

Sarah Kerr's curator insight, October 24, 2013 12:23 AM

This scoop gives some insight on what it was like to be a women in the Ancient Mediterranean World. First of all, women were seen as subservient to males, they were in charge of being caretakers of children and to take care of the home. This scoop goes into depth of the few women in ancient history who had a higher status in women kind by being included in things men were such as poetry, politics and relgious events.

Karina Moreno's curator insight, April 28, 2014 11:38 PM

I  find it unreal that a lot of history do not mention women nor in many regions they were consider a citizens.  Back then they should have realized that women were that made everything happen.  A population of people wouldn't have been possible with women giving birth and raising to create who we are today.

Rescooped by Cassandra Folkerth from GODDESSES AND WITCHES!

Reawakening Feminine Power

Reawakening Feminine Power | Ancient world |

 Once upon a time, in the sacred societies and temples of the ancient world, women were respected and revered as the living embodiment of their divine role model, the Great Goddess. Let us once again open ourselves to our true calling.


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Cassandra Folkerth's insight:

Its interesting, there is so much controversy on the role of women. There was a time when women were revered and magnificient beings and there was also a time when they were considered second class citizens. I find the role of women through out history to be quite interesting.  

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