Text Analytics Yields Employee Sentiment Insights for HR Executives | Data Informed | Analytics | Scoop.it

For years, companies have been collecting and analyzing feedback from their employees to curb attrition, boost morale and gauge employee satisfaction. But gathering and parsing this unstructured data is a time-consuming and labor intensive undertaking.

For one thing, the sources of employee feedback—namely performance appraisals and employee surveys—can generate lots of data. What’s more, unstructured employee feedback is notoriously nuanced, requiring HR professionals to carefully read between thousands of lines of data for subtle hints and clues to an evaluator’s meaning or workforce sentiment.

Text analytics is a meaningful way to address this issue. Instead of relying on spreadsheets, HR professionals can turn to text analytics tools that promise to provide a more complete picture of employee satisfaction and workforce trends. By listening to employees’ needs, companies are better able to engage them, and thereby drive productivity, boost profitability and increase customer satisfaction. That is, if they ask the right questions and take the time to put new insights into action.

Via Metrinomics