Analytical Chemistry | analytical chemistry |

Vicki Colvin

Rice University


Start: TBA (10 weeks)

Physical & Earth Sciences


If chemistry is the science of stuff, then analytical chemistry answers the question: what is it? And how much of it do you have? This advanced chemistry course covers the basics of quantitative analysis and analytical chemistry in a one semester format.


Analytical chemistry is an advanced topic introduced to chemistry majors often in their sophomore year. It is a broad area that covers what I refer to as ‘old school’ principles of solution phase chemistry and quantitative analysis, as well as more current treatments that introduce a suite of modern analytical instrumentation. In this course, both areas are covered in an integrated curriculum that emphasizes real-world examples of analytical problems. Students who complete this class will see their knowledge of fundamental chemistry strengthened as they work with familiar ideas from freshman chemistry (e.g. acids and bases, solubility, electrochemistry, stoichometry) to solve analysis problems. They will also be introduced to the instrumentation of analytical chemistry, with a particular emphasis on chromatography, and learn to apply these tools to problems in medicine, manufacturing, materials science and even food chemistry.

Via Dr. Stefan Gruenwald