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Pinocchio crime family

Pinocchio crime family | Americas Wrongfully Convicted |
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Pinocchio crime family About A Complaint Against The Harris County, Texas Family Violence Section December 4, 2013A Complaint Against The Harris County, Texas Family Violence Section

This is being republished by permission. It is convicted person’s family email discussing how someone was mistreated in Harris County, Texas. These people felt so strongly that they hired someone to fly a banner over the Courthouse to display their message.

Family violence is a serious offense. It destroys families, mentally devastating the abused. The abused could be a spouse, child or a live in partner. It has become so serious that the Harris County District Attorney’s office and the courts have taken a zero tolerance for the offense, many times with the perpetrator being sent to prison, which should be done.

But, what happens if a person is falsely accused of family violence? What happens if the only evidence is the testimony of liars, no other evidence, and those lies eventually conclude to convict an innocent person for a crime they did not commit? They become victims of the system. They are not only humiliated by the arrest, but they are further degradated by having been stamped with a felony, can’t get a job or even find a decent place to live.

No one will listen to the begging of an innocent person that has been convicted of a crime they did not commit. They turn a deaf ear to the cries of desperation from that person. They are shunned by family and freinds. They find it hard to have a relationship or trust in people. Their finances are drained, along with those of their family, defending them for a crime they did not commit, making every attempt to right the wrong.

This is exactly what happened to a man in Harris County that was convicted of a crime he did not commit. He was convicted strictly on only testimony, no other evidence, which contained many discrepancies, some as to be so blatant to include, “He had a gun.”, “He didn’t have a gun.” while referring to the same event. Did this stop the prosecution? No. The prosecutors, Lynn McClellan and Rifian Newaz continued the prosecution, ignoring the perjured testimony.

Since the final conviction in September of 2006, evidence has been presented to the Harris County District Attorney’s office many times. Many emails were sent to the afore mentioned prosecutors, along with letters to Patricia Lykos, the Harris County District Attorney. Was a “proper” investigation done after that? In an open records request on the one an only “investigation”, Scott Durfee produced only three pieces of papers, one which was a background check on the wrongfully convicted’s brother. Nothing else.

In February of 2010, writings surfaced, most of which were certified to be the writings of one of the people who conspired to set up this innocent man. There is also other writings that contradict what was said in the court room. Again, all this new evidence was presented in a habeas writ to Judge Velasquez, whose only “gift” on the writ was to terminate this man’s probation early after most was already served, allowing the conviction to remain.

Next, a letter was written, again, to Patricia Lykos, asking for a meeting on this new evidence. There was no response, which has been typical of the behavior exhibited many times by the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

That is the reason we decided to tell everyone possible in the Houston/Harris County area. We have hired a plane, pulling a banner, that states, “HCDA allows perjury to convict the innocent.” We want people to know what they have done and will do nothing about prosecuting the persons who committed Aggravated Perjury in their courts, which is a felony, and will do nothing about it, even though the evidence is there.

We invite everyone to attend the event, which will happen on Wedday, January 19th between 11:00am to 2:00pm. We want to have people who have been wrongfully accused/convicted by the Harris County District Attorney’s office, especially those people who have been wrongfully accused/convicted based on perjured testimony. Please bring your video cameras, as we want this event recorded, to let our government in Harris County know that this behavior to convict at all costs, to include the innocent made victims by the system, will not be tolerated.
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Anonymous - (Please help make viral) The Pinocchio Crime Family

This page is dedicated to those individuals, who, because of the selfish reasons of others who conspired for their false imprisonment resulting in malicious ...
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