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Scooped by American Reporting Publishing!

American Reporting Publishers Lauded by Consumers for 10 Years of Prized Information

American Reporting Publishers has provided sweepstakes information for the past 10 years.

American Reporting Publishing's insight:

For the past decade, American Reporting Publishers has provided its customers with a wealth of valuable mail-in contest information. Known across the country as a leader in the sweepstakes industry, American Reporting Publishers has enjoyed the last 10 years of creating winners all over the country. One staff member of American Reporting Publishers reflected upon the company’s history. “Really, the best part about our company is that we offer so many people the opportunity to take advantage of quality contest resources, which are located by our team,” said the staff member.


As a testament to American Reporting Publishers’ success, customers across the country have provided positive feedback in support of the service. Publishing monthly newsletters chocked full of researched sweepstakes opportunities, American Reporting Publishers has set itself apart from national competitors due to its commitment to producing quality information.


Says one employee, “The staff at American Reporting Publishers receive comprehensive training on how to choose current opportunities, based on the validity and completion of the information discovered.” It is not surprising to learn that the dedication of American Reporting Publishers to providing the most benefit to its customers is unparalleled. A recent client and cash prize winner was quoted as saying, “At first, I didn’t know if it was real, but I heard from a friend they had won previously. So, I entered a couple contests and won over $1,000.” The client went on to say, “I was ecstatic and overjoyed, it was all so easy.”


The convenience of receiving monthly newsletters is refreshing for many people, as American Reporting Publishers knows. “Many people get so tired of the junk mail and bills. Receiving something truly valuable and worth your time, and only once a month, is a refreshing change when compared to our competitors,” says one American Reporting Publishers executive.


Looking forward to another 10 years providing quality sweepstakes information to Americans across the country, American Reporting Publishers consistently reviews its research practices to ensure clients receive the absolute best information. Committed to the goal of making everyone a winner, American Reporting Publishers is a leader in the sweepstakes industry, and pursues that goal one winner at a time.

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Scooped by American Reporting Publishing!

American Reporting Publishing and Sweepstakes: a Winning Combinatio

American Reporting Publishing helps customers win contests.

American Reporting Publishing's insight:

There is nothing more exciting than hearing, “You’re a Winner!” That’s something American Reporting Publishing helps its customers do. More people across the country are enjoying their winnings after getting help from American Reporting Publishing.

“American Reporting Publishing is the best thing that ever happened to me,” said Sara Smith of Pittsburgh. “I won my first sweepstakes, and it was so easy with their help.”

American Reporting Publishing has been sending its publications to customers around the country for more than 10 years. The company’s newsletter is a major source of mail-in contest information for sweepstakes devotees nationwide. American Reporting Publishing scours the nation and compiles the best contests, then sends out a list to its customers every month.

“We do our research and come up with the best of the best,” said Barry Walker of American Reporting Publishing. “We give our customers the greatest opportunities for winning, and we do all the work.”

American Reporting Publishing’s report also includes information on how to fill out the envelopes, how many entries to submit and when the best time is to mail those entries in. It even gives hints, shortcuts and tips on how you can improve your chances of winning a contest. Walker says there is nothing more satisfying than having a customer hit it big.

“When our customers win, it’s a win for us. It means we are doing our job of helping people out when they may need it most,” said Walker.

There is no sweepstakes company out there that is more dedicated to helping its customers win. American Reporting Publishing is one of the most credible and reputable sweepstakes companies in the industry, and it will not allow anything to tarnish its reputation.

“We’re here for our customers,” said Walker. Our only interest is making people winners. And with American Reporting Publishing, that’s what our customers become.”

There are many happy customers out there who enjoy monthly winnings by turning to the monthly reports from American Reporting Publishing.

“I wouldn’t get my information anywhere else,” said Judy Thomas of Boston. “You can’t win without American Reporting Publishing.”

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Scooped by American Reporting Publishing!

Winning Big with American Reporting Publishing

American Reporting Publishing produces sweepstake winners.

American Reporting Publishing's insight:

People all across the country are winning big with American Reporting Publishing. The sweepstakes company has been helping its customers win contests for more than 10 years. The company compiles a list of the most winnable contests and sweepstakes then sends that list out in a monthly newsletter. American Reporting Publishing even gives you advice on how to fill out the forms and when to send them.

“We want to give our customers the greatest opportunity to win,” said Barry Walker of American Reporting Publishing. “There is nothing more satisfying than hearing one of our publications helped a customer become a little richer.”

With millions of opportunities to win cash and other prizes, it is hard to know which contests you should enter. That’s how American Reporting Publishing helps its customers. The company does all the work, and all you need to do is fill out the forms then wait to win.

“I can’t believe how simple American Reporting Publishing makes it,” said Mike Martin of Albuquerque. “I used to spend hours on the internet only to find scams and rip-off sweepstakes. American Reporting Publishing filters that out and makes you a winner.”

American Reporting Publishing only publishes the most current contests and sweepstakes for its customers. It is a company that will not let you down. It also has a track record for producing sweepstakes winners.
“We have many happy customers who enjoy monthly winnings,” said Walker. “Many return each and every month for another chance at hitting it big.”

There is no better business out there for finding the best sweepstakes in the country than American Reporting Publishing. The monthly report also shows you exactly how to fill out the forms and even gives suggestions, hints, and shortcuts on winning. American Reporting Publishing works hard for its customers and in return finds success.

“Our customers are winning big,” said Walker. “And they’re having the time of their lives.”

“I never thought I would actually win one of those sweepstakes,” said Kelly Jones of Sacramento. “I always thought the contests were fake until American Reporting Publishing came along and made me a believer.”

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