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MMIC power amplifiers, Discrete GaAs power FETs, Passive components, Connectorized Amplifier modules...


RF Transistors



Handling and Mounting of Packaged FET

Amplifier Design Example




We provide MMICs upto 14.5GHZ frequency with effiency upto 40%.


Handling & mounting - BM Package Assembly on PC Board.This application note describes the use and handling of AMCOM's MMIC power amplifiers in BM package. The MMIC chips are housed in a 10-pin low cost surface mountable, ceramic package (BM). The packaged MMIC can be handled by standard pick and place equipment. Figure 1 at right is the photograph of the BM package



Hybrid Modules


HiFET Transistors


Handling and mounting of BI packaged high voltage




Passive Components

· Variable Phase Shifters

· Variable Attenuators

· Filters


Custom Design of Hybrid Circuits:

Output power from a few watts to hundreds of watts.Frequencies from 1MHz - 10GHz.With RF and DC connectors, which are ready to be inserted into your system.Module, SMT, or drop-in carrier package.Including single DC voltage biasing, voltage regulation, temperature compensation, RF signal detection, self-protection circuitry, etc.Our engineers' design experience includes over 100 successfully developed power modules.Custom designed module provides form - function fit to your existing product.


Custom Design of MMIC Circuits:

Power amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Phase Shifters, Attenuators, Up-converters, Down-converters, and Switches.Smart compact design in ceramic or plastic packages.Frequencies up to 40GHz.Our design team has successfully developed over 50 MMIC circuits



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