5 Key Differences Between Pinterest and Instagram Messaging | Amandine | Scoop.it

According to a recent study on the use of social media marketing by big businesses, over fifty percent of the Interbrand 100 is using Pinterest as an online marketing channel. Forty percent of these large global brands also have an Instagram business account.

If this news has prompted you to get started with marketing on Pinterest and Instagram, then look before you leap. In order to maximize your chances of user engagement, brand awareness and market feedback, it’s imperative to understand what messages and images both resonate and annoy users on each of these social platforms.

Think of Pinterest as a tour of an amazing museum, where you can marvel at all its great acquisitions. Then envision Instagram as your tour guide, an insider with the back story of what you see and the ability to bust the myths of your preconceived notions.


These five best practices play will with these ideas.