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Why Kids Hate School?: Nikhil Goyal at TEDxYouth@BFS

Nikhil Goyal is an activist and author. He lives in New York. Visit his site: Please consider signing up for his monthly newsletter: http...
Amy De La Riva's insight:

An intriguing Ted Talk by a young man who is still in high school.  The focus of his talk is the question "Why do kids hate school?".  The most interesting part of this talk, to me, is that he chronicles the story of a young, successful man, who never finished high school.  The reasoning for this?  The young man was a curious creator, one who enjoyed coding and software design...neither of which were offered, but more importantly, encouraged during his tenure in the public school system. Rather than the school system fostering his interests, they labeled him, promoted medicating him, and when that didn't work, they gave him a more harsh label and basically segregated him. 


The short version of Nikhil's message is that in order for students to learn, they must experience some form of freedom in their learning.  No matter how mild that form of freedom is, it is a must if we intend to keep our students engaged and curious. 

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Online Grade Schools Becoming a Popular Alternative

Online Grade Schools Becoming a Popular Alternative | Alternative Education Settings |
A growing number of parents and educators are leveraging technology to transform grade-school education into a stay-at-home, online experience, partly because of shrinking public budgets and curricula.

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