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The fALS Connect registry aims to connect fALS families with scientists who are engaged in fALS research. The goal of the registry is to accelerate progress towards finding a cure for this disease. We encourage both affected individuals and unaffected family members to sign up for the registry.


ALS that runs in the family is known as “familial ALS” (or “fALS” for short). The type of ALS that is not familial is often referred to as “sporadic ALS”. Familial ALS is very rare; only about 10% of all ALS cases are familial. A simple way to think about familial vs. sporadic ALS: if more than one member of your family has had ALS, then it is very likely that you belong to a fALS family. If only one person in your family has ever had ALS, then it is most likely that ALS does NOT run in your family.