Voice For Joanie ( VFJ ) is a group of volunteers providing computer technology and assistance so that people with ALS have a "voice". To date, VFJ has helped 850 PALS.


Ask Shirley Fredlund why what she does is important, and she'll give you a simple task. Sit still for 10 minutes. Don't move a muscle, not even to scratch an itch. Don't speak. Don't smile. Don't laugh.

Don't snap your fingers to get the attention of the people all around you, carrying on as if you don't exist. But you can blink your eyes. That is all a person with advanced amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease, can do.

"After a while, it starts to hit home," said Fredlund of her silent-still exercise. "If a person can't talk, people ignore them."


Voice for Joanie Website: http://www.voiceforjoanie.org/index.htm