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I got my start in photography back in elementary school. A teacher brought in his Minolta SR-101 with 2 rolls of black and white film. A friend and I drooled over this “state of the art” technology. Much to our surprise he handed the camera to us with instructions to shoot up the roll of film and bring it back. Later that week we met at his house and developed the film and began processing the prints. When that invisible image was revealed while in the pan I was hooked on photography. After completing a brief career in the US Navy and retiring from active duty in 1997 I worked the average jobs for 10 years until I was able to reconnect with my passion. In 2007 I was hired by a National Portrait Company and began exploring the world of photographing people. This was against the advice of my mother who always said “Don’t take your hobby and make a job of it”. Sorry mom, I am ignoring your advice.  


While growing up I lived in a neighborhood on the east side of Portland, Oregon. Those 2 blocks had houses with families led by parents who were role models for all of us. The Lopez family was no exception. They lived across the street from me, Mike (Coach/Teacher at the high school that I wound up attending), Kathy and three children, Kristin, Mike Jr. and Susan. Kristin was my age and Mike was a few years younger but you would have never guessed. Whether he was digging a kicking tee with his heel or a double leg takedown in his living room he was a fierce competitor and a great playmate and friend. I lost touch with him when both our families moved away from that neighborhood. Until almost a year ago when I fully became aware that Mike Lopez Jr. had been stricken with Lou Gehrig’s disease. It was hard for me to imagine that this once invincible warrior was down hard with ALS that has left him virtually motionless could still maintain a positive attitude and a contagious smile. I had to be involved. We now both live in neighborhoods that are 1300 miles apart. Mike has a foundation that he started and still runs today. Team Cure ALS Foundation. I have committed 15% from the sale of my Photographs to his foundation in hopes that a cure can be found. To learn more about Mike Lopez and his foundation click on his logo. Thanks for visiting my gallery and please consoder making a purchase were a portion of the sale will be donated to TEAM Cure ALS

Foundation, Hal


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