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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

When is The Right Time To Hand Over An Online Community?

When is The Right Time To Hand Over An Online Community? | All Things |
Are you thinking about building an online brand community? 95% fail within the first 12 months. Click to read more about the most common fail factor and how you can get around it.
The post When is The Right Time To Hand Over An Online Community?
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

 In November 2014, I left my role as Head of Content, Community, and Customer Care.  And last month, I handed over my last community, #BizHeroes. That's right! a year after no longer being employed. I handed over in October 2015.


Why? There were many reasons, but I boil it down this:

Communities aren't (or shouldn't be!) a marketing tactic or campaign. They are a strategic investment in people. To grow a community to a place where leadership can change with only positive ripples to come, the community needs to have strong legs. 

In the case of #Bizheroes, handing over the community when I left the company would not have benefited the community or


There are no better peeps than the ones I met during my five-year journey with Thanks to everyone I met along the way and I look forward to staying in touch. 


Note: this magazine is no longer kept up to date. But I'm keeping it for old time's sake. It's filled with so much goodness! 



Because the single most cited fail factor for online communities is handing over too soon

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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Why Brands Should Sponsor TweetChats or Engage, and Be Prepared to Wow Yourself

Why Brands Should Sponsor TweetChats or Engage, and Be Prepared to Wow Yourself | All Things |
Note from Mack: This is a Guest Post from’s Community Manager, Kelly Hungerford.  This post is technically part of’s sponsorship of #Blogchat last month, and I told Ke...
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

Have you ever planned a promotion or event expecting one campaign, and then been completely blown away by another? 


One of the greatest takeaways from my experience with December's #Blogchat sponsorship is don't understimate your community! Give them a reason to love you and they will -- and beyond all logic and rational thinking! 


Not to be overlooked: the entire organization can benefit from a TweetChat. Here's how: 

as a Brand it is the opportunity to learn first hand what the community thinks about your product or serviceas a Marketer it's a new way to generate interest and leadsas a Product Manager, it's an opportunity to understand what's needed, required, desired to evolve the product - from the users themselves!as a Social Media Manager, it's an opportunity to refine skills and better understand which channels and tools the community is usingas a Customer Care representative it's an opportunity to meet the community and interact without a ticket, issue, or bug between you and provide a service on demandas a member of PR, it's an opportunity to be involved in the conversation where it's happening and off your owned mediaas a Community Manager it's the opportunity to interact with awesome people, strengthen relationships with the community and build new bridges

I can highly recommend Mack's #blogchat sponsorships. He goes above and beyond what most marketers do to make it an absolute win for everyone - you, him and both communities. 


If you have questions about the time investment and pre/post preparation, don't hesitate to contact me. 

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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Four Types of Visual Content That Cut Through the Noise

Four Types of Visual Content That Cut Through the Noise | All Things |
In an increasingly noisy digital world, marketers can stand out by producing visual content that engages communities. Here's a quick look at the different types of visual content.
Kelly Hungerford's insight:

"Our customers are hungry for good content. They expect it to be presented in a snackable and quickly-consumable format. So how should marketers engage their communities through the use of visuals?"


This is a great post by Ekaterina Walter (@ekaterina) on the power of visual images not only to build communities but to cut through social noise and clutter. 


P.S. Ektaterina has one of the most successful Social Media papers on the newsstand. Well worth checking out. 


Hot tip! Ektaterina's new book, Think Like Zuck is outstanding and available for pre-order.  I had the pleasure of receiving an early manuscript and highly recommend you add it to your 2013 must reads. It's not a FB only book. She explores entrepreneurship and its success factors. Fascinating read. 





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Rescooped by Kelly Hungerford from Startup Revolution!

Why Startups Should Have At Least One

Why Startups Should Have At Least One | All Things |

Marty's Story
About a week after starting as Atlantic BT's, largest web dev shop in Triangle area of NC, new Marketing Director my boss & founder / CEO Jon Jordan asked me, "What's this" thing.

Jon's displeasure was obvious. I explained how is a "get more, do less" content curation tool. Jon said, "It doesn't look like us," and I had to agree. My question back to Jon was, "Is 'looking like us' important," and you can guess is initial response.

To his credit, Jon asked me to do an analysis before shooting the limping horse. I also related our previous conversation about the "creation of a commons". On my second day as Marketing Director for ABT Jon and Mark Foulkrod, then COO, confessed a concern.

"We think you will steal from us," Mark said straight out (that is the way Mark is). The comment surprised me so I asked the right question. "Why are you worried and what do you think I will 'steal","I asked.

Jon shared the story of a previous employee who "blogged for himself on our dime". I never met the person, but I explained ABT had little or nothing I could "steal".

It was my turn to shock them. I shared how, at that time, ABT's Klout score was 19 while mine was 45. Together, I went on to explain, we were stronger than either apart. We would create a commons mingling my content, ABT's and curating in other content from gurus, thought leaders and ABT customers to create a "rising tide" sure to lift their online reputation boat and mine.

"You will gain more if only due to our starting points," I shared. At the end of my tenure (December 2013) ABT's Klout score was 50, a 233% increase. Mine was 65, a 44% bump. and were MAJOR contributors to the rising tide of ABT's commons. helped test content marketing ideas and creates more community faster for LESS work than any tool I know or use (and I use a passel of 'em). The brilliance behind, that they present an algorithm filter of content you've already shared and or mashup, makes it the GREATEST and must under utilized (and just about the cheapest) content curation tool.

Startups are so WIDGET FOCUSED they don't think about the day they want to share their widget with the world. is guaranteed to make "sharing day" easier and for the cost of...well just about NOTHING a startup receives a powerful ally. If you are a starutp or Internet marketer and DON'T use my friends in Switzerland's coolest tool since sliced bed you are nuts.

Oh, btw, when I shared data showing was the most powerful community generation tool we had Jon and Mark didn't care if it "looked like us" or not (lol).

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Kelly Hungerford's comment, July 24, 2014 4:23 PM
Marty, you're awesome! If only we had had custom CSS and branding options back then... we could have branded a paper to fit their look and feel. LOL. You continue to be one of our greatest champions of not only, but how and can work together in a marketing strategy to build presence, community and get some work done. Thank you for that. In fact, I think a post is in order. You always inspire Marty, thank you!
Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Some Thoughts on Monetizing Twitter Chats and Getting Sponsors

Some Thoughts on Monetizing Twitter Chats and Getting Sponsors | All Things |
As we close in on March, #Blogchat will have its 4th birthday, having started on March 22nd, 2009.  And over the past 2 years I don’t think any chat other than probably Jessica Northey’...
Kelly Hungerford's insight: was a #blogchat sponsor this past month of December. The partnership went off without a hitch and both Mack and I were really pleased with the sponsorship and how it turned out. Mostly we were pleased that it was good for both our communities. 


Mack's insight on getting sponsors for tweet chats applies to any sponsorship. Bottom line - it can't be just about the money. 



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Scooped by Kelly Hungerford!

Paperli Can Help You Increase Your Social Influence | FDC Studio

Paperli Can Help You Increase Your Social Influence | FDC Studio | All Things |


This is a great reference for publishers ( or not yet publishers) who are skeptical if services such as can increase social influence, and if so, how.  


Adam, Initially, sceptical, discovers the power of as a blogger and site owner. Adam doesn't publish himself, however after seeing the distribution of his content and the direct correlation to new followers on Twitter and his own blog, he takes more time to think about:


-the messaging around his own content in order to be featured in a

-the #tags and keywords used to help ensure that his content makes it to the right audience.


Adam's example: 


“Social media can help you avoid Walmart’s dead fish #marketing”


I agree with Adam. That’s a fairly original and interesting message and with the #marketing Adam is ensuring that he will be curated into other marketing oriented Papers so that others interested in marketing will be introduced to him and his blog. 



The benefits of according to Adam: 


Distribution: helps organizations and individuals establish themselves as a trusted source. If your content is on the proper, you are reaching a new a new, and targeted, distribution channel


Community: is an effective way of introducing like minded individuals ( news spotters, content sources and readers) who share specific interests


Klout: can help to increase your Twitter following, Klout scores and/or other indicators and tools important to you. 


Usefulness: very






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