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A few months back I was invited to join a TweetChat hosted by TechSoup. The chat was on curation for non-profits.


Because I am active in the area and passionate about the subject, I accepted without hesitation. Unfortunately, it was my first chat and I was utterly unprepared. The experience left me looking, and feeling, like a fool. In fact, I think Jan Gordon was present and watched as I was bulldozed by tweets and questions. It was a complete failure and there was a lesson to be learned!


I would never attend a physical event without researching the venue, the organizer and participants before hand - why was I thinking a TweetChat would be any different?


After the experience I took some time to research best practices and came up with a list of of my own. 6 months later, I am getting the most out of TweetChats: enjoying meeting new people, learning, discussing and exchanging. 

If you haven't attended a TweetChat yet, I encourage you to do so and if it is your first, perhaps this post will help out.


You truly get out of them what you put into them, so go chat, and have fun.