Luci Westphal: Boldly Going Where no Has Gone Before | The People Behind the Paper.lis | All Things |

Staff writer Liz Wilson caught up film maker and Social Media Manager for TrekNation, Luci Westphal.  (For those of you not familiar with Trek Nation, it is a documentary on the real world community of Star Trek fans) 


Luci uses as a part of the TrekNation communication and community building strategy. Luci says:  


" is a unique and perfect tool to really get engaged with your subject of interest and a community of like-minded people. 

By setting up a paper with my parameters (certain Twitter users and keywords), it fulfills many of my goals in one place:

-I’ve created a paper that I find enjoyable to read myself

-a tool to find articles, photos and videos that I want to share with the Star Trek community on social networks

-a means to display our own “Trek Nation Director’s Log” videos

-an opportunity to promote other tweeters and creators, which is important for social networking and community building.

-Last but not least, I hope to have created a digital paper that others simply enjoy"



"As a filmmaker and web series producer I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoy that includes other media besides just articles. I’m not aware of any other service that provides all that offers."


"The response to the Trek Nation Tribune is definitely positive. It is being read and re-posted and featured tweeters have thanked us for including them. I believe it engages the community by connecting readers with information and media for themselves to enjoy and to share with others and by introducing different readers, creators and tweeters to each other."


Kelly Hungerford