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I have rescooped this article from Jan Gordon's topic, Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond. Links are below. 


Jan's thoughtful summary and introduction to "meaning overwhelm" led to wonderful input by Beth Kantor and how she navigates her day so that she can focus, and not succumb to overload.


Well worth the read and be sure to follow Beth's comments. Great information. 







This piece was written by Evren Kiefer for talking about a challenge we all face - information overload and how we streamline our diet. Or can we?


"Content doesn't have a season -- the feast is all year round" Overload or gluttony?


Here's what caught my attention:


“Information overload”, I hear you say, “we know that already”. Is it really the problem, though?


**As Clay Shirky argues in his talk “It’s Not Information Overload. It’s Filter Failure”, information overload is our new environment of plenty and not a problem that needs solving.


****It lies upon us to create internal and external filters to manage our time and attention because they are our most precious resources.


My commentary: I think this is most important for all of us, continually refining our ability to select only what we need and leave the rest. Today everyone is a publisher and everyone has an opinion. Aren't we suffering from meaning overwhelm as well?


I think it's essential to establish some criteria when you select content?


**What are you  looking to add to the original piece?


**Do you want to  create  clarity for others?


**Do you know the subject matter well enough to do this effectively?


**Do you want it to be thought-provoking?


**Do you want to add additional links and other resources who may have different points of view?.


As far as meaning overwhelm,


Everyone has an opinion, I think it's good to have a viewpoint but I think it's important to search for the simple thread in it that relates to your core message. 


It's also good to include others in the conversation because two heads are better than one, it helps people see the bigger picture and decide for themselves. That's why I'm asking you:


What are your thoughts? How are you dealing with this? I'd love to hear your comments.


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