Well, YouTube did it again! In the last month or so YouTube has had some even more changes making 2012 literally their makeover year. 

The most recent changes that happened are to the way the actual back office and admin area looks. As well as the home page and now my favorite change. YOUTUBE PLAYLISTS!

The most recent changes feel like a deeper push into the full integration of Google Plus and YouTube. Navigation wise, when you own a YouTube channel which essentially now is defaulted when setting up a Gmail account, Google plus navigation tools and YouTube tools are found at the top in a different place and in a new layout then before. 

Now directly under the Upload button you will find a drop down of a 4 selections. 

YouTube Navigation

Video Manager will take you in to all of your video uploads. From there you can really go anywhere in the back office.

Analytics takes you into all the data and stats your videos have been collecting as they have been made public. YouTube Analytics also can give you data such as likes, comments, and more engagement based tracking.

Your actual YouTube Channel, so that you can edit the layout and see things from the viewers perspective.

And Then PLAYLIST navigation. This playlist button will take you into the back office of where you can create and add your YouTube videos to specific playlists but while I was looking deeper at this I noticed that they completely changed around how the playlists where laid out. They were no longer at the bottom of the page of your YouTube Channel, now they were built into the player, like chapters! I really like this layout.

Via Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist