Parents support use of mobile devices as learning tools | Digital Youth Ministry
Parents support the use of mobile devices as learning tools in education. (A new report shows that most parents support the use of mobile devices as learning tools in education.How about you?
Flipped Learning Journal
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From the horse’s mouth to your ear, #flipclass student speaks!
Kaitlin Graf is a Grade 10 student (now Grade 11) at Okanagan Mission Secondary. This is her second semester in a Flipped Math class with my colleague and fellow flipper, @Math_Johnson.
Flipped Classroom Full Picture: An Example Lesson
Personalizing flipped engagement | SmartBlogs
3 words seem to be dancing around in my head when it comes to current thinking about education: "personalization," "engagement" and "flip."...
The Flipped Class Revealed
What Does a Good One Look Like?
6 Types of Blended Learning [Infographic]
There’s a bit more to Blended and “Hybrid” Learning than throwing in a little digital learning.
The truth about flipped learning
A flipped classroom is all about watching videos at home and then doing worksheets in class, right? Wrong!
Academic videos
Library of academic videos from across the web
The Flip
I love the flip. I do. And I realize by saying this I’m making a controversial statement. I believe if used judiciously, in the right context, the flip can free up valuable class time and provid...