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Join us on Thursday, August 16th at 1PM ET in Session 2 of Personalize Learning Blog Series when we discuss the Stages of Personalized Learning Environments.


The Stages of Personalized Learning Environments outlines the elements of the three stages of PLE's. In attempting to transform teaching and learning to personalized learning, consider where you are currently and envision which stage you can see feasible for your school, district or community. Participate in this blog to discuss the stages and where you may be currently and where you would like to go.


We came up with these questions to consider before embarking on your journey to personalize learning:
> Why do you want to personalize learning for your learners?

> What problems or needs have you identified in your school, organization and/or community?

> What data can you show that demonstrates the need to personalize learning?

> What does teaching and learning look like now?

> What are stakeholders beliefs about learning and change?

> Why is it critical for your organization and/or community to change now?

> What challenges or obstacles do you envision as you move to personalizing learning?

> What do you envision for your personalize learning environment?


Via Kathleen McClaskey