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Rescooped by Virginia Pavlovich from A New Society, a new education!!

Skills Converged > Active Listening Exercise: As Mark Just Said

Skills Converged > Active Listening Exercise: As Mark Just Said | Alive and Learning |

"Most people are not good listeners. This is even more pronounced when people get excited about sharing their own views or thoughts and like to express them and share them with others quickly. The problem is that in their excitement they miss what has just been said. Over time this can develop into a bad habit leading to miscommunication and misunderstanding.

This exercise is designed to help delegates practice listening to others and avoid jumping in before they have shown that they have understood what is shared. After a few tries, participants will quickly learn to listen carefully and will significantly improve their communication skills by understanding other people’s positions and avoid repeating what has already been stated."

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Rescooped by Virginia Pavlovich from Useful School Tech!

FreeSpeech for iPad

FreeSpeech is a free iPad app designed to assist students who have Autism and other speech and communication impairments.


FreeSpeech app provides a set of images and icons representing common household objects and activities.


When a user clicks on an icon the word or phrase is read aloud.


The default categories of icons on the Free Speech app are...

- activities, self-care, grocery store, clothing, descriptors, emotions, and body.


Users can add more categories and icons to the app by...

- by taking pictures with their iPad and labeling them.

- uploading them from albums on their iPad. 

Via John Dalziel, Jan Harper
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