Alexander Pushkin's Life
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Alexander Pushkin's Life
Acrostic about Alexander Puskin
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Alexander Pushkin: Acrostic

Alexander Pushkin: Acrostic | Alexander Pushkin's Life |

Antonio C. Sanchez Febus 

A-lexander Sergeyevich Pushkin born May 26of  1799 in Moscow and was a Russian poet, novelist, dramatist and writer of short stories.

L-ast years of Pushkin was again in government service in St. Petersburg.

E-ugene Onegin is a novel in verse written by  Pushkin. It is a classic of Russian literature, and its eponymous protagonist has served as the model for a number of Russian literary heroes

X- IX  century Russia all aristocratic families learned to speak French, so Pushkin and his brother and sister spoke and wrote in French more than in Russian.

A - fter the revolt in 1825 the new tsar Nicholas I realized that Pushkin was by now very famous. He also realized that he had not taken part in the revolt, so he allowed him to return.

N- atalya Goncharova was the name of his wife.

D - rinking, gaming and fighting with swords he spent a lot of time because he  was angry that he was still in exile and he wrote many letters to his friends. Many of these letters were later published.

E - ncrypted private journal of Pushkin was published by Minneapolis publishing house and it was entitle Secret Journal. 

R - eturns from the exile and he had to be very careful not to say bad things about the rulers of the country and the police watched him very carefully.


P - laywriting was another thing that Alexander Pushkin did.

U -sually  Pushkin is credited with developing Russian literature. Not only is he seen as having originated the highly nuanced level of language which characterizes Russian literature after him, but he is also credited with substantially augmenting the Russian lexicon.

S - on of Sergie Pushkin and Nadezhda Gannibal, Pushkin's father came from an old aristocratic family. On his mother's side Pushkin had African ancestors.

H - e is considered one of the greatest poets of Russia. 

K - amenny gost, or The Stone Guest is a poetic drama by Alexander Pushkin based on the Spanish legend of Don Juan.

I - n 1837, Pushkin was killed in a duel. He had been forced to fight the duel in order to defend his wife's honour.

N - otoriously touchy about his honor, he fought a total of twenty-nine duels. 

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Alexander Pushkin:Acrostic

Alexander Pushkin:Acrostic | Alexander Pushkin's Life |

Camilo A. Gómez Plá                                Section 138
Prof. Victor Vázquez ENGL 1202-137


Alexander Pushkin’s Acrostic


Author of a famous play named Boris Godunov.


Lyceum was the place that he studied and graduated. This school is in Tsarskoye Selo Russia.


Encrypted private journal belonging to Pushkin was published by Minneapolis publishing house and it was entitle Secret Journal.


Xavier de Maistre was a French writer who did a portrait of Alexander Pushkin when he was a little boy.


Arrived to Boldino located in east-central Russia, in September 1830. He spent three

month in there and they were the most productive months in literary life.


Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol was Alexander’s pupil and successor that recognized him.


Died on January 29, 1837 at the age of 37.


Exiles several times from were he’d stay, by the government because of his political poems.


Russian author of the Romantic Era.



Published his first poem at the age of fifteen.


Under survelliance by the government and wasn’t able to publish his work.


Son of Sergie Pushkin(father) and Nadezhda Gannibal(mother).


He is considered one of the greatest Russian poets.


Known as the founder of modern Russian literature.


Is recognized mainly for the enlargement of the Russian lexicon.


Novel writer and one of his most well-known novel is Eugene Onegin.




World Masterpieces, Prentice Hall Literature (p.874)



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Acrostic about Alexander Pushkin

Acrostic about Alexander Pushkin | Alexander Pushkin's Life |

Rafael R. Quintero Diaz

ENGL 1202-137

Teaching Team #2: María M., Indiana, Norman and Sergio

Prof. Víctor Vázquez


Alexander Pushkin was a Russian author.


Labeled he is as Romantic author, but critics say that he represents a path of neo-Classicisms.


Eugene Onegin was his preferred novel, and he wrote it during the course of his life.


XIV century, was the century Alexander Pushkin grew up in.


A catastrophe for Russian Literature was the early death of Alexander Pushkin.


Natalya Goncharova was the name of his wife.


Died on February 10, 1837, at the age 37, Pushkin did.


Eventually, Pushkin was forgiven by the new Russian ruler Nicholas I who promised Pushkin that all of his works would be censored himself, making Pushkin promise to not publish anything that would harm the government.


Regarded as one of the finest poet Russia has ever produced, is Alexander Pushkin.



Playwriting was another thing that Alexander Pushkin did.


Under the strict surveillance of the Tsar's political police, he produced some of his finest works.


Suffering an injury due to a fight with one of his wife’s lover, Alexander Pushkin died.


He is still considered by many people, as the greatest Russian poet.


Kamenka was one of the places he went, because of the angered government when he committed to the social reform.


Integrated the French culture, his family did.


Notoriously touchy about his honor, he fought a total of twenty-nine duels.




World Masterpieces, Prentice Hall Literature (p.874)


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