Alexander Pushkin Poem by: Samuel Lugo | Alexander Pushkin |

Alexander Pushkin,
Russian dramaturgical, literature and poet

Born in 1799, aristocrat family, died January 29, 1837

Started to write poetry as 14 years old as we know it

Now he still writing poetry, but now he writes it in heaven


He was raised in a French culture adaptation

His firstpoems were romantic ones

Then he gota job in San Petersburg

He startedwriting politics in a conflict tone


He wrote ‘’Ruslan and Liudmila’’ that is against neoclassicism

He won thepoets admiration

Then he became part of a radical literature movement

He was the spokesman of his ministry organization


He married NataliaGoncharova in Moscow

‘’Belkin’’,describing the Russian life

He was living happy  in Russia

With poetry and his lovely wife


A conflict was born in a night

Envy fromothers attacked him that day

They shothim to death

January 29,1837, he goes away