Albert Gelman Inc. Bankruptcy Trustee
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Albert Gelman Inc. Bankruptcy Trustee

Albert Gelman Inc. Bankruptcy Trustee | Albert Gelman Inc. Bankruptcy Trustee |










Albert Gelman Inc. Bankruptcy Trustee
4 Robert Speck Pkwy #1500
Mississauga, ON L4Z 3Y4
(905) 306-1650



If you are a business owner, you can bet your company that you will find yourself with money troubles on your hands at some point down the road. We do not state that fact to scare you off but the better informed you are, the better prepared you will be when those difficult times arise. It is the future of your creation that is at stake here. One error too many and you may lose all you have been working so hard for these past few years.


To help you out and give you alternatives when all seems lost, Albert Gelman Inc. offers around four decades of combined experience in dealing with financial problems, debt and bankruptcy. Headed by Bryan Gelman and Joe Albert (two highly reputed Trustees), this leading boutique firm also benefits from the experience of such corporate insolvency and restructuring experts as Francisco Remolino and Tom McElroy. When you call on Albert Gelman Inc., you will be greeted by a team of specialists whose sole goal will be to define a plan of action to help your business recover and put that rough patch behind you.


Because no two companies are the same, they will first analyze your numbers and particular situation, and then decide (in consultation with you) what is the best course of action to follow – whether it leads to a proposal, restructuring or stabilization. Utterly professional and dedicated to the success of their clientele, the pros at Albert Gelman will always go out of their way to guarantee your satisfaction.

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