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President Obama’s Budget Revives Benefits as Divisive Issue

President Obama’s Budget Revives Benefits as Divisive Issue | Albert |

Obama has put Social Security on the negotiating table, which puts the Democratic presidential candidate at an issue that may have to be addressed when running in the 2016 election due to the incumbent's, Obama, decision. Democrats who are supporting Obama's budget may be in trouble during these midterm races because interest groups and PACs can help get new candidates, who don't support the budget, to take the spot of these democrats. Republicans can now use Obama's budget to shed a new light on the president as a democrat who would "attack seniors," which is a significant way to libel the incumbent. Even liberals are stating that good Democrats do not cut Social Security. Activists are stating people may be disinclined to help volunteer and help in races for people who favor cutting social security. This is a critical issue and I personally believe that Social Security should NOT be cut. People need that money and can spend that money to increase the GDP - assuming they spend it correctly - and if people have less money due to the cuts, it puts stress on the constituents because they now have less money. Just putting Social Security on the negotiating table is enough to scare a LOT of people and now democrats must state how they will as their future elections and campaigns depend on it.

Via Teresa Herrin
Albert Lee's insight:

I like the fact that President Obama is willing to negotiate and put Social Security and Medicaid cuts on the table to help balance the budget and get things done. Even though it might hurt other democratic candidates in the midterm election due to reduced constituent turnout, I like that Obama isn't just worried about the politics of it all. The Far Left shouldn't be so outraged by Obama's plan and the conservative Republicans should atleast entertain his budget proposal in a committee in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

David Cohen's curator insight, April 16, 2013 11:04 PM

I know Obama wants to compromise with Republicans on Medicare and Social Security benefits, but what he is doing is against his party's beliefs. This action will hurt democrats in future elections and escpecially in the next presidential election. Democrats need to stay together and Obama is breaking away from them, its wrong. Personally, I think the president should focus on some other issues as well, such as the economy and getting jobs for the unemployed. he should not focus all his attention on this because the will hurt him and his party than help him in the long run.

Sarah Nguyen's curator insight, April 17, 2013 8:40 AM

Democrats are upset about the fact that Obama has put Social Security and Medicare benefits up for negotiation while discussing the federal budget. Beforehand, Democrats had stated that they would stand by Obama should the new equation for calculating social security benefits be accepted even it lessens the amount given.

mconti38's curator insight, May 2, 2013 11:22 PM

In Obama's recent budget plan, he was put social security and medicare up for "negotiation". This move has raised debate by both parties, as the services are heavily depended, on especially be seniors. 

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Employment Situation Summary Table A. Household data, seasonally adjusted

Employment Situation Summary Table A. Household data, seasonally adjusted | Albert |
Albert Lee's insight:

its good to see consistent job growth as our economy continues to recover

David Cohen's curator insight, February 6, 2013 1:32 AM

This gave some very useful information about unemployment rates. It shows all the different minorities and the percent unemployment for each minority. The highest and most shocking one was teenages ages 16-19. There is a significant amount of unemployment that is present.

Randal Scroggins's curator insight, February 6, 2013 10:50 PM

Chart of all the job statistics including demographics. Increase in the labor force along with fairly constant employment-population ratio. Hopefully that unemployed percentage will continue to decline

Raneem Hamdan's curator insight, February 7, 2013 12:23 AM

The country's economy based on the article and statistics gives us insigh tas to how our economy is slowly recovering, yet is often impared by small and sudden drops and impediments that breifly stop the process of alleviating the condition of the economy. Overall, this is a good article displaying the irregular patterns within our country's business style.

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Jonathan Haidt and the Moral Matrix: Breaking Out of Our Righteous Minds | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network

I really liked the way Haidt set up what divides us as human beings, not just as liberals and conservatives. He took basic, instinctive ideas, and derived the political parties from them. He showed how the parties aren't actually that different and the ability to me more emphathetic is key for true progess in America. I agree with this overall summary of the two-party system of America, but today's Republican party is much more extreme then there traditional views. Tradition and consistency are not the focal point of the party. Everything thing they say today is just a way to get votes so they don't have to pay taxes. Its the primary driving force behind the party now. The party has become an advocate for the top 1%. Any bill, even ones for the veterans they use to rally behind is shot down by bogus reasons. Why? Because all they care about is keeping their money in their wallets. I don't know how the main controllers of the Republican party can look people in the eye and say they're doing whats best for America. Romney's comment about the 47% of Americans wasn't a slip up, its just the truth behind the mask the Republicans wear now to trick people into ideas like "We Built It". Anyone with common sense knows Obama wasn't attacking people who owns small business, but Republicans have to find something to rally behind, because Romney doesn't have any real plan to help anyone. I think Haidt wouldn't be so moderate  if he could see the lies and false statements the Republicans have built themselves around. Differences in social issues are not the main problem anymore, It the top Republican's refusal to help the country if it means sacrificing anything that "they earned".

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Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports™ | Albert |

This poll found that after the RNC, Romney gained a 4 percentage point lead over Obama. This seems normal to me since people are often persuade by what they see most recently, I expect the poll after the DNC to show a swing back to Obama.

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Why defense spending plunged 22% last quarter — and killed GDP

Why defense spending plunged 22% last quarter — and killed GDP | Albert |
Had the Pentagon not cut back on spending, the economy would have grown at a weak but positive 1.27 percent pace.
Albert Lee's insight:

I think its good that overall defense spending is decreased. Even though it lowered the GDP in the short term I think that it won't really affect the GDPs future growth since that money will be used in other ways 

Yessenia Leal's curator insight, February 6, 2013 2:40 PM

Givernment military spending greatly affected the GDP last year. The Pentagon spent less money on military spending. That means less spending with Irag and Afghanistan. If the Pentagon had spent this amount of money then the amount would of grown

Matt Kellogg's curator insight, February 6, 2013 10:01 PM

shows how much the defense spending cuts hurt the GDP, why it looks bad

Emily Koehn's curator insight, February 6, 2013 11:58 PM

This article explains the effects that defense spending has on the national GDP. The cut in expenditures is a directly relaed to military activity, which provides evidence that the GDP is greatly affected by military endeavors. 


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'Best-Looking' GDP Drop You'll Ever See

'Best-Looking' GDP Drop You'll Ever See | Albert |
Negative economic growth in the fourth quarter provided a scary headline to start Wednesday's trading but probably little else in market impact.
Albert Lee's insight:

the negative growth of the GDP is likely due to the uncertainty that took place prior to the resolution of the fiscal cliff crisis, but the negative growth shouldnlt last too long

Zachary Beery's curator insight, February 7, 2013 11:46 AM

This article says that th recent drop in GDP isn't that bad cause it is mostly due to the recent cut in goverenment spending. this is pretty much just the drop before the big leap that hopefully comes soon.

Sarah Nguyen's curator insight, February 14, 2013 4:58 AM

Even though the GDP has dropped at .1 percent, it is reassuring to know that it is largely because of government spending and business inventories. Consumer spending and the private sector in general was able to grow more than the previous quarter, even despite the natural disaster Sandy.

Patrick Demitis Brown's comment, February 21, 2013 12:06 AM
GDP is probably going to be just as low or lower in the second quarter, once we've gotten rid of the payroll tax cuts. Im not sure how our congress isn't doing anything about that, this will increase taxes, defense spending going down, the number of consumers able to spend will go down and GDP will go down more sooo......
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The most interesting findings — and the most interesting chart — from Pew’s mega survey

The most interesting findings — and the most interesting chart — from Pew’s mega survey | Albert |

I found it odd that 76% of people think the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but then they side more with Romney's view of no government involvement. I was surprised that even 40% of Republicans believe the government should provide for the poor. Seems pretty high. I liked the trend that Democrats are getting more secular and widespread in views as time has passed, which shows that they are encompassing more of America than the Republicans are.


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