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3 albums en 3 mois! C'est le pari un peu fou que s'est lancé le merveilleux Buck65, maître de la scène hip-hop alternative. Depuis sa cabane au Canada, il s'est donc entouré de ses potos (Jel, Moka Only, Buddy Peace, D-Styles, Doseone ou encore Sage Francis) et équipé avec ce qu'il avait sous la main pour produire 70 chansons qui sentent bon l'abstract et l'electro sur lesquelles il pose son flow si particulier. Le résultat est une démo-mixtape en trois parties offerte au téléchargement gratuit au nom de la création artistique! Richard Terfry, 40 ans cette année, explique même comment il convient d'écouter son travail!


"It was just really important for me at this point in my career to act creatively without any consideration for money or press or anything other than art. I refuse to see any of this work as a failure in terms of sales or critical response or whatever. So I guess it could be said that this is just something I had to do for myself.
Finally, these recordings were made at home with crappy gear and were mixed in headphones that are 15 years old and were never very good in the first place. So they are pretty lo-fi. So for the few of you who will hear them, they're best heard in headphones. On a stereo and especially in a car, they will probably sound awful.




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