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The Growth Of Corporate Transportation In The UAE

The Growth Of Corporate Transportation In The UAE | Al Futtaim Logistics |

UAE is one of the developed countries in the world. Its growing at a fast pace and people from across the world are working in Dubai. Many foreign investors have seen immense potential in this petroleum – dominated country and are capitalizing on it by setting up their offices in various parts of the country.


This important factor has facilitated the need of growth and further development of the corporate transportation in the country.  
Today the corporate transport industry is booming.  A lot of corporate have their employees traveling, re-locating and transferring every now and then. It’s all a part of the global expansion process.


There are many companies that provide corporate logistic solutions           ( ) to this vast, ever-growing population of the corporate world. It is very much necessary that the logistics are in order as a lot is at stake when it comes to serving the corporate sector.


The corporate world is highly competitive these days. Its competitive streak has set urgency amongst various other sectors that have been trying to climb the progress ladder.  The corporate sector has become an integral cog in the wheels of any organization that needs to grow and go places. The marketing, the sales, the administration and various other segments are all interlinked to the corporate sector.


The logistics and budgeting for corporate transportation has to be spot on and nearly precise.  While its dependency on the administration and finance department does play a key role, the fact remains that it has set an identity of its own in today’s world.


Efficient transporting at effective prices could be the key but what really count are the services that are offered consistently over a period of time.  The efficiency leads to quicker decision making which helps in rapid growth of economy which by default is the need of the hour. It doesn’t necessarily have to comply with the vision of the company.


The transportation of raw-materials and managing the inventory in warehouses is directly dependent on how transportation handles it. The transportation rather plays a key role here on transfer and storage. The quality of the raw materials is also directly proportional to the finished product/services offered. Therefore it is extremely necessary for an organization to look into the affairs of corporate transport with severe intensity.


Another factor that plays a key role here is to understand that once a benchmark has been set by an organization, the level of consistency needs to be maintained throughout and here transportation plays a key part. The market is extremely competitive out there and repeated or unwanted mistakes could eliminate the chance of making it among the top product/services.


Globalization is increasing like never before.  Today thanks to the internet, the world has become really a small place. Comparison is an inevitable force in the market. Therefore the quality of product/services offered plays a key role in the growth of any organization.

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The Progress Of The Logistics & Shipping Industry In The UAE

The Progress Of The Logistics & Shipping Industry In The UAE | Al Futtaim Logistics |

UAE is amongst the developed countries not only in the Asia and Middle East but also in the world. Their growth has been rapid in the last 30 years and today the country stands tall when it comes to developed countries with excellent infrastructure.


As we all understand, imports and exports are an integral part of any country’s progress.  UAE too has its share of imports as well as exports which have played a crucial part in its development.  Despite the development, investors feel that the Middle East especially the UAE can develop more considering its strategic location and convenience of travelling from any corner of the world.


The regional ports in the UAE play an important role in the development of the country.  Yes, there’s no denying that the air cargo plays an important role but the shipping industry too plays an important role in the country’s import and export growth.


Many experts feel that the geographic location of the UAE makes it very convenient and affordable for trading. Besides that, UAE is one of the leading exporters of petroleum in the world.  Though UAE has a large number of imports too, its liberal policies on foreign trade make it really easier for people across the world to trade with them thus making shipping a booming industry.


The Middle East region has become a steady link between the east-west intercontinental trades as many strategic routes pass through the region.


According to a recent survey, about 25% of the logistic operators from the region have the potential to offer more growth than the North or South America put together particularly in the transport industry which speaks in volumes about the progress and development that the region has made over the years.


A majority of these operators are formulating their business expansion strategies based on the progress that their trade routes have made along with the infrastructure in the region.


The UAE logistics industry ( ) has a major share in this rapid growth because of the strategic locations of its ports.  Another reason that the UAE shipping industry is flourishing is because these ports are constantly undergoing changes in their infrastructure which caters to merchants’ worldwide. There are various organizational setups with internal logistics setups which make their task all the more easier as they are solely dedicated to the handling of freights and goods that come in and/or move out of the UAE.


The future prospect is very exciting as today the UAE is amongst the top 20 developing nations and further growth and development in the infrastructure in the country will only enhance its reputation as among the top countries with best logistic suppliers in the world.

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