Al calor del Caribe
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Al calor del Caribe
Entre lo ecléctico y lo entrópico. Un espacio híbrido donde el desorden es una forma de orden
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Visualize Your Data in the Age of Distraction For These 6 Reasons [Infographic]

Visualize Your Data in the Age of Distraction For These 6 Reasons [Infographic] | Al calor del Caribe |

This piece was posted by Loren Sorenson for Hubspot, I selected it because as she says "If you aren’t prepared for the visual content revolution, you may be left in the dust.


Not convinced? Let's take a look at exactly how visual contentis positively contributing to marketing strategies -- it may just give you the push you need


"Learn why visual content is a critical part of your content creation strategy.


Here are some highlights:


**People remember only 20% of what they read


**83% of learning is visual


Condenses and Explains Large Amounts of Information


**Today, there is too much information on the Internet you have about 3 seconds to catch someone’s eyes so they'll consume your information.


Gives Your Brand an Identity


**Visual content draws people in, letting viewers better understand your brand's identity


Drives User Engagement


**If you've ever read a book with a child, you probably know they find pictures more interesting than words; but are adults really that different?


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read full article here: []

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janlgordon's comment, April 11, 2012 3:21 PM
Beth Kanter
Thank you for adding me to the wiki and for your kind words, it's greatly appreciated. Yes this is the conversation of the moment so to speak. I'm sure your presentation was amazing. Would love to hear it if you have a replay.
Beth Kanter's comment, April 11, 2012 10:08 PM
Jan: There's a link in the wiki to the live stream of the session - and a lot of notes and resources ... I love this topic! I'm holding myself back from created another on it ...
janlgordon's comment, April 13, 2012 10:05 PM
Beth Kanter
Thanks for looking forward to seeing this info. Knowing you, I can imagine that you want to start another scoopit on this topic but it's not necessary because you're already doing a wonderful job covering it now.
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The Future Of Storytelling: Immersion, Integration, Interactivity, Impact

The Future Of Storytelling: Immersion, Integration, Interactivity, Impact | Al calor del Caribe |

As technology becomes more advanced and more accessible across multiple platforms, it’s only natural for consumers to expect increasingly higher standards of creativity and engagement from content creators. Experimentation is all well and good, but what do audiences actually want? To answer this question, research group Latitude has interviewed 158 early adopters and compiled a report that forms the first phase of its The Future of Storytelling project.


This article popped up today and I really like the 4 "I's" that it says the best business stories bring to the table: immersion, integration, interactivity, and impact. All stories, if told really well, do this. They immerse the audience and teller in the experience of the story, facilitate integration of messages, are co-created experiences that often generate story sharing back-and forth (interactivity), and have an impact on both the teller and the audience.


These 4 "I's" I really like -- they help capture the intent and purpose of our business storytelling. If your stories are not hitting all 4 dimensions, go fix them!


The author Martin Bryant is framing his points here in the world of transmedia storytelling -- where stories are told across multiple technology formats. The results of the study shared here contain no surprises if one is familiar with the dynamics of storytelling however.


For example: people influencing the media or producers in the creation of stories. Well, that's been happen for a hundreds of years now. Yet I do agree that the rate and amount of access has increased with technology, all of which is a good thing.


So what's the take-away here? 

First -- focus on the 4 "I's" in any business storytelling you do in order to be successful. And expand your notions of what Interactivity, immersion, and integration can be. The info shared in the article might spark some ideas for you. If you are in business, are a blogger or content creator of any time, take these 4 "I's" to heart and do more of them.

Second -- stay tuned for the next part of this report that looks very promsing: "Latitude is currently working on phase two of its study, which it describes as “a large-scale international exploration focused on quantifying storytelling trends and opportunities, and understanding key audiences for multi-platform and transmedia experiences.”


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

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