How to Tell a Great Story | Al calor del Caribe |
Use this seven-step process to develop and tell a business anecdote that will you help close the deal.


If you are still struggling with your biz stories, then use this method. It starts from getting clear on the key message first, and then working backward. That is the most effective way to craft business stories, and the one I find most useful when working with clients.


If you are stuck -- try this -- you'll like it!


Now, what is a key message? It is the main point of the story. It is the message you want to leave people with that will help move them to action, to inspire them to do something different. Think deeply about your key message when crafting your story -- the clarity you create here will make the rest of the process very easy.


Oh yeah -- and don't forget -- sometimes as you work on your story the key message you thought was the right one can change and morph. Don't worry -- that's part of the process. Storytelling is an iterative process, so just keep working it and letting your biz story unfold into a dynamite piece!


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