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They're going to come out and turnout in droves when the moment calls for it to stand against shale gas development said there's not one sexual like national associations he just really have to Google crews use gas franking in your area yahoo really do so that you doing and that’s important because if you had one centralized sort entity then that would really mean you have one voice but the power of our defense against shell gas from franking if that we have so many voices so many organizations so many people in so many walks of life that are getting involved in so many different ways on you know are moratorium needs to staying place to protect us but you know.

If you're across the nation in Wyoming where shale gas development is happening then you need to take advantage of another opportunity me right up in a different way and the way you're going to learn about that is finding your local organization on that will tell you how to do that and Eddie again it's a good thing multiple for voices many voices is actually the strength of this movement if it also lit a fire under one I think that we would lose our power and people would lose the individual strength they have to bring I'm to this to date to the defence against franking and shale gas but you know even if there is no one’s central location where people can go and voice their opinions and send letters but I'm let this somebody from you know Colorado or Utah or I'm any other at States go to your website find out what's going on and what they participate and you succeed in what you're trying to do it just shows the strength in numbers and also maybe it can't trickle down to other states as well and have other states learner how you did it and I'm going to just like what we're trying to do with a Washington state with g-ma labelling.

If he was just up to the G Washington State residents you know it’s just Washington state residents but the rest the country and you know if we help them and then that will trickle down to the other states as well so I'm sure they’re watching your successors and learning from what works I'm in your organization that affect our you know I'm from New York and is from New Jersey I Drive by you know I Delaware we're all the times it make sense to me that what happens up state New York she know affects me about here even though I don't live near the river it affects you know my drinking water and it affects the state in general even if I'm not let's say you know I ego blogger a green blogger it affects me about on the road it affect my children to practice you know in that way so other states will probably.