Pinterest premieres transmedia storytelling experiment | Daily Dot | AKA Film |

Pinterest has already changed the way marketers think about commerce.  But it may also be ushering in a new form of storytelling.  Transmedia company BeActive is using Pinterest to share one work of fiction through a combination of episodic videos, audio snippets, and visual pins.


Beat Girl is part graphic novel, part TV show, and all on Pinterest.  It tells the story of fictional DJ Heather Jennings in a method that’s not quite TV show, not quite in-person character sketch, and not quite graphic novel. With 160 pins and counting, viewers can catch new glimpses of Jennings’ life added daily. The interactive drama is presented as a prequel to an upcoming multi-platform video series.


While the finished product may be a genre of entertainment never seen before, BeActive CEO Nuno Bernardo says it’s rooted in a much older art form.  “We wanted to bring back the popular Photonovels of the ‘60s to the new digital generation,” he said in a statement. “The tools and functionalities introduced by Pinterest allowed us to release the content the way we envisioned. As a world’s first we expect that in the future more and more stories will be told on this network using photos and still images”.


Bernardo told the Daily Dot that although Beat Girl is based on a novel, he found it to be a story uniquely suited for multiple platforms.

Via Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose), Hans Heesterbeek, Simon Staffans