Agro-climate tools link farmers with crucial information | Agro-climate smart tools for Kenyan farmers |

The way we produce food must adapt to a variable and changing climate. And key to achieving this is to improve the link between climate information and agricultural practices, especially those of smallholder farmers in developing countries. ‘Agro-climate tools’ do just that, and a number of tools are already being used to fill the gaps between climate information and practical action.


The brief, Agro-climate tools for a new climate-smart agriculture (PDF) was jointly published by the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) and the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). It outlines a number of valuable software tools that are already helping policy makers and farmers make better decisions in the face of climate change. These include ‘Yield Prophet’, an which helps Australian farmers plan their crops according to different possible weather scenarios and soil conditions and Africa RiskView, which translates globally-available rainfall data, crop parameters and livelihood information into food security outlooks.

Via AusFarmFwd