Cities for Pilgrimage in North Indian Plains
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Cities for Pilgrimage in North Indian Plains
Several visitors come to India in search of spirituality. We have mentioned about those places in several write-ups posted earlier. This time too we have come with some of the very famous holy shrines of northern plains of this religious and spiritually rich nation.

Varanasi – Sits on the banks of scared river Ganga and counts among one of the seven Hindu pilgrim cities with very old and rich history. It’s the city of Lord Shiva, the creator and the destroyer of universe. According to popular Hindu Believe – a person who died in this holy town achieve salvation, in another words he librated from the cycles of reincarnation. Various rituals are carried out on the bank of Holy River Ganga including the crimination.

Bodhgaya – Bodhgaya is the Buddhist holy town located in the Bihar. The most sacred place of Buddhism is known for the attainment of enlightenment by Gautam Buddha after rigorous years of meditation under a tree called Bodhi. The temple shrine where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment is now transformed into a lavish Mahabodhi Temple complex. Many Buddhism monasteries are located here in this tiny town. Also the courses on Buddhist spiritualism are offered here.

Rishikesh – This picturesque place is surrounded by enchanting hills of lower Himalayan Ranges. Know as the birthplace of Yoga, people come here to learn ancient Hindu practice Yoga and meditation. Located in newly formed Indian state Uttarakhand, Rishikesh lies very near to Haridwar. Although Haridawar hold most prominent places as pilgrim site but Rishikesh drags the attention of visitors who seek for eternal peace and Knowledge especially the foreign visitors.

Amritsar – This holy town of Punjab state was founded by Guru Ram Das in the year 1577. He was the fourth Guru of Sikhs. Amritsar is home to spiritual center of Sikh religion “Golden Temple” and gained its name from “Holy Pool of Nectar”, denoting the water bodies around Golden Temple. Although it’s a holy shrine yet a special visit at night will grace visitors with an opportunity to witness the opulent and classic view of temple, especially the spectacular view of illuminated golden dome.

The list of pilgrim places in India doesn’t end here, in our upcoming blogs we will discuss on some more holy shrines. However, the interesting feature about these sacred places is that they are easily accessible from every corner of the country even from southernmost regions, for instance one can select Varanasi tour packages from Chennai. Thus, book your preferred package and leave for a hassle free sacred journey.
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