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From the original article by Tom George on his "Internet Billboards".
Here are some interesting excerpts from the post about content curation.
"After having spent the better part of four years curating content from renowned bloggers, journalists and authors as well as building a platform here on Internet Billboards, which has evolved into a wonderful community of content curator’s.

Here is my definition of content curation. A content curator is someone who finds, organizes, presents and shares valuable information (content) in many forms, on a specific topic, in a way that provides special context and or a unique engagement with his or her readers. In actuality when done correctly, over time it positions the curator as an expert in his or her respective field and defines their reputation as a thought leader.

A good curator will mix curation with his or her own original content, to give interpretations for the express purpose of allowing others to form their own conclusions.
Why curation and crowdsourcing will and should become more important to you. I will give you ten reasons.
1. There is just too much content;
2. Social Sites Are Full Of Spam;
3. Privacy concerns with big data;
4. Limiting risk and using many minds;
5. Technology must assist us and help us not hinder us;
6. People Will recognize the need to build meaningful relationships;
7. Information will flow freely;
8. Trust and authority will be the new currency;
9. Curation helps you establish relationships with thought leaders;
10. Crowd Sourcing can make things possible..."

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