Bahrain Update from the Campaign for Peace and Democracy | Agora Brussels World News |

Thanks to all of you who earlier this year signed CPD's statement "End U.S. Support for Bahrain's Repressive Government." The statement was signed by more than 1900 people, including several hundred Bahrainis, and was widely circulated in this country and Bahrain.


Meanwhile, Washington continues to mute its criticisms of Bahrain's government and the Saudi forces it brought into the country. The U.S. Fifth Fleet remains stationed in Bahrain, military aid to Bahrain continues, and the Obama administration has announced plans for an arms sale to Bahrain worth $53 million. The sale, unless it is successfully blocked in Congress, includes more than 44 armored Humvees and 300 missiles, 50 of which have bunker busting capability.

The Campaign for Peace and Democracy is sending a protest to President Obama and key members of Congress to end this shameful support to Bahraini repression, a letter of condemnation to the Bahraini government, and a message of solidarity to Bahraini's struggling for their democratic rights.

Via Spencer Haskins