Opportunity or Threat?  The New Transparency | Doug Rice via @JanetCallaway | Agile Learning | Scoop.it

In a play or musical, the scene or act will come to an end and the actors and actresses will fade to the back of the stage. 


Now we have:  The Death of the Curtain


Somewhere along the lines, between the revolution in information technology and the development of social media, the curtain vanished.


Businesses are increasingly losing their backstage. Performance is always live, there is no time to rehearse or rescript. The customer, more and more with each passing moment, can see everything.


Authenticity and transparency used to be a choice. You used to be able to plan exactly how much about you the customer should know.


Not anymore.


Your story is transparent, whether you like it or not.


The real you will shine through because there is no curtain to hide it. You are exposed. And the show will go on, whether or not you are ready for it.


The question you must ask yourself is whether or not this is a good thing. The open conversations you are having with your customers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, blog comments, etc. can go either way.


They’ll see you for who you are. The question is, “Who are you?”


Your story is more important than ever because now, more than ever before, customers can have instaneous access to it. Is it something that you are proud of or ashamed of? Do you fear joining social media due to the threat of bad PR or are you excited about joining social media due to the opportunity for good PR?


How you answer this questions says everything about your story.