A Whopping 47% is Peer Group:  7 compelling arguments for Peer Learning | Agile Learning | Scoop.it

Peer learning is on the rise!


1. Powerful theoretical underpinning
Ref:  Judith Harris’s wonderful The Nurture Assumption, for which she received the George Miller Medal in psychology. 


In a deep look at the data she found something surprising: that 50% was genetic, just a few per cent parents and a whopping 47% peer group.


2. Massively scalable
Peer learning may actually be better with large classes

3. Learning by teaching is probably the most powerful way to learn
Peer learning involves high-order, deep-processing activity.  The teacher may actually gain more than the learner.

4. Encourages critical thinking

5. Group bonding a side effect

6. Dramatic drops in drop-out rates

7. Higher attainment